Materials need to make a compost bin

Easy Compost Bin

Materials need to make a compost bin
Materials needed to make a compost bin

Stop Throwing Away Money!

Compost is organic material that can be used as a fertilizer. It’s sold in home and garden stores, but you can make your own from stuff that you’s usually throw away.

Step 1

Get a plastic tub with a lid. We prefer dark tubs because they heat up faster in the sun.

Step 2

make a compost bin
make a compost bin

Drill holes in the lid of the tub. This provides air and allows water from rain or your watering can enter the compost material. Moisture is a key ingredient in the composting process.

Step 3

Layer your waste material inside the tub and moisten it with water.

Now you have a compost bin that costs around $5 to $10.

Compared to buying a compost bin from a major chain store (Upwards of $100 or more), plus using materials that you normally throw away, you are way ahead. And, you won’t need to but compost next spring!

Compost material
Compost material

Get a list of materials to use for composting here…

After layering your waste, add water to keep it damp. This type of compost bin can be stirred or shaken every few days. For a more passive approach, just let it sit. It just takes longer…


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