Motion detector outdoor lighting with LEDs

Motion Detector Lighting

Save Money and Increase Home Security with Motion Detector Lighting

Motion detector lights add security to your home and cost less to operate than “always on” lighting. Motion detector lights come on only if someone approaches your house, your doors or windows. They can be optimally positioned to ignore small animals, pointed down your driveway to assist night time visitors and more. These lights are cheaper to operate since they do not need to be lit all the time.

Lights that go on and off at different intervals provide an illusion of someone being home, awake and checking the premises. Approaching people will not be able to tell if you are home or not.

Dusk to dawn lighting would be my next choice because leaving your outside lights on during the day is a dead give away that you are away from home. These are still cheaper to operate than “always on” lighting. One downside, some dusk to dawn lighting come on when it’s cloudy.

Both types of lighting are greener than “always on” lighting because they use less energy. And the less energy you use, the better for your wallet and the planet.

*Light pollution is getting more and more attention too. Think about moving to the outer suburbs or beyond, just to have your closest neighbor blaring flood lights in your window while obscuring the beautify night sky.


Exterior lighting is definitely a good diy project, especially when you are replacing existing lighting.


Only change lighting if you know what you are doing including turning off power at the circuit box and testing the wires before beginning such a project.

Never work with electricity if you are unsure of your skills.

Consult a good home electricity book or hire a local electrician if at all concerned about your skill set.

Either way, diy or certified electrician, you will be more secure and spend less money on your electrical bill.