Caulk your windows to save money on heating and cooling costs.

Save Money with Insulation

Insulation can save on heating and cooling costs.

In the attic:

  • All along the attic floor (Watch for electrical lines, lights, etc. Follow manufacturers guidelines.)
  • The attic ceiling (If your builder hasn’t already done so.)
  • If you have an attic door, Use a piece of hard backed insulation to block your nice warm (or cool) air from rising into the attic.

In the garage:

  • Builders may only insulate the walls that touch your house walls, leaving the outside walls empty. Ask your builder to insulate them or do it yourself (as we did). We came on a weekend and insulated the two exposed walls before the drywall crew started work.
  • Insulated garage doors can be purchased or use to replace your existing door. A cheaper, DIY method is to cut hard backed insulation and adhere it to the garage door. (We did that). Now, they even have kits for that purpose.

Caulk your windows and doors:

  • Caulk or weather stripping may be applied inside or out.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Use caulk that is paintable if possible for a clean, neat look.

Insulate electrical outlets with these….

These easy fixes will help to keep you and your family comfortable all year long.